Five Fall Essentials

Fall – my favorite time of year. The leaves turn miraculous shades of warm colors, the air crisps, and those fall boots make their way to the front of the closet again. But I constantly find myself asking the same question: What essential items do I buy so I’m getting maximum “wear-time” and not splurging on clothes I’ll only wear once? And what do I pack when I travel if the weather is changing one day to the next? I’ve compiled a list of essential items for the early fall weather that are worth investing in.

miranda kerr street style

A light-weight blazer can be worn at all times of year and is a fun alternative to your normal cardigan.

Leggings are a simple and smart way of easy layering under a skirt, long tunic or dress, and provide a fun alternative to your everyday jeans.

A flowy high-waist skirt that can be worn with or without tights is a perfect transition piece.

A casual daytime dress pairs perfectly with leggings, flats or booties, and a cardigan or blazer in the fall … but appropriate alone in the summer.

And perhaps my favorite piece … a vest! I love how a vest’s absence of sleeves is enough to keep you warm without overheating you on an early fall day, but practical for the really cold days over a heavy sweater.


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