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Chocolate Peanut Butter Smoothie

I love sweets. In particular, chocolate. Rather than cut out the thing I love most, I embrace it and have a little something every day. If you eat well (sticking to fruit, veggies, lean protein and fish), it’s not healthy to deprive yourself. Everything in moderation! Lately I’ve been seeing a lot of delicious healthy smoothie recipes. I’ve created three of my own so far – they’re so addicting!

One of the three I made is a delicious Chocolate Peanut Butter Smoothie. I mixed Silk light chocolate almond milk (found at almost every grocery store), plain non-fat greek yogurt, ice, powdered peanut butter which I mentioned in my last entry, and cocoa powder in a blender. At just 165 calories, it’s filled with protein and fiber. If you don’t have powdered peanut butter (substituting for regular), the smoothie is approximately 300 calories – still healthy and balanced.

I love the idea of smoothies, especially on days you’re not hungry for a full meal, or if you need a post-workout afternoon boost.

1/2 Cup Silk Light Chocolate Milk
1/2 Cup Nonfat Greek Yogurt
1/2 Cup Ice
2 Tbs Powdered Peanut Butter
1 Tbs Cocoa Powder

The best part? There are only five ingredients. It’s a quick and easy way to eat well on the go!

Have a happy and healthy Friday – and three day weekend for most!


The Golden Globes and a New Find

My sister recently introduced me to Bell Plantation’s PB2 powdered peanut butter a few weeks ago, and I immediately fell in love. I’ve been having stomach issues for about a year now, and peanut butter, avocado, and bananas are difficult on my stomach. I know, no bananas and peanut butter?! No guacamole?! I’m still in mourning.

But I’ve finally discovered a loophole! The peanut butter is completely natural. As they say, it “has the same consistency as full fat peanut butter with all of the natural roasted peanut flavor, but with nearly 85% less fat calories. PB2 is made with high quality peanuts that are slow-roasted to our specifications and pressed to remove the oil. All natural with no artificial flavors or sweeteners, and no preservatives.” Two tablespoons is 45 calories instead of 188. The fat is what was harsh on my stomach, so now I’m able to enjoy it. I had to share in case anyone else is experiencing the same problem.

Golden Globes time! I spent Sunday night watching the Golden Globes, and I was incredibly impressed with some of the dresses celebrities were wearing. Below are my favorites, starting with my personal winner:

Taylor Swift! I was so impressed. She’s adorable, but she always sticks to the same old “cute” style. When she walked out in this dress, I was floored. So sophisticated, sexy, dark and mature. The color, fit, and everything about this look was perfect. Joan Rivers and I had the same vote for this one, but the others all had different favorites as there were so many stunning gowns.

Emily Blunt followed in second for me. This one was received ooh’s and ah’s from Fashion Police, but I’m surprised it didn’t get a best-dressed nominee. I thought the dress fit her like a glove, the material was beautiful, and she looked dynamite! Very timeless.
Claire Danes was third for me. This dress isn’t necessarily a risk, but she’s never looked better on the red carpet before, she looks beautiful – perfect really – and she had a baby less than one month ago. How?!
AND worst dressed for me is:
I love halle, and she’s possibly the most beautiful woman on the planet, but no, Halle, no.
Who got your votes?
Happy Wednesday!