Reflecting Back

*First off, I have to apologize for the blog being down … there were technical difficulties in getting any images up (and currently still are), but I found a temporary way around it until the problem is fixed.*
Happy New Year!!! I had an endless list of new years resolutions for 2013. Like any other year, my thought process was “new year, new start.” But before I could begin setting new goals, I started reflecting back on 2012. I heard a lot of “let’s hope 2013 is better than 2012,” “I’m not sorry to see 2012 go,” “Oh thank God it’s a new year” … I have to say, I’m one of the lucky ones whose 2012 was filled with new experiences, new friends, and positive changes. I uprooted and moved to DC, learned to love the ins and outs of city life, gained true friends – the ones who last a lifetime, started an online fundraising position for nonprofits (where my coworkers are fabulous), and I was able to cherish a lot of time with family.
Not to say there weren’t challenging moments. I moved to DC knowing one other person. I’d lived in North Carolina since the age of six. I’d always had familiar surroundings. Moving was a challenge, and that challenge brought insecurities, worries, negative thoughts, and tested my confidence and outlook of myself – and life. Living is a constant learning experience, and this 2012 was the most challenging year yet – but also the greatest.
Which brings me to my new years resolution: Be Positive. Be positive about my capabilities, and see life as a rollercoaster with endless opportunities. Focus on being thankful for what I have – and do what I can to help those who don’t.


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