Party Planning & The Oscars

Happy March! I’ve been in the process of moving all of my elements over to wordpress versus the old site, and after a lot of time and transitioning, I’m back up and running! I’m hoping the flexibility of wordpress makes things easier.

For the Oscars, a friend and I planned to go all out for a small party we were throwing. We get extremely excited about party plannng and cooking. We decided to cook all black, white, and yellow (gold) to represent Oscars theme colors! Altogether it was a long day — from enchiladas with mole sauce, to Cuban black beans, polenta rounds, bruschetta, endive salads, blackberry tarts, and other black and white apps and desserts, we spent over six hours in the kitchen. I. was. exhausted.

oscars party

But it was worth it!

We prepared mini ballots for friends to vote on who they thought would win each award, and the top two winners received a prize at the end of the party (gourmet chocolate-covered apples). It was a fun activity, in addition to commenting on all of the fabulous (and, er, not so fabulous) dresses.

endive salad oscars

{Endive and Mango Salad with Balsamic Reduction}

Aside from being exhausted (mostly due to my 10 mile run in preparation for my half marathon), the party was a blast!

Ok, favorite part — the gowns! I’m not sure if it was just me, but I wasn’t too thrilled about the dresses this year … I felt like they were expected and “safe” compared to past years. Is it just me? There were, however, a few that stood out:

march jessica chastain

Sdlfkjdslkj ok, Jessica Chastain cancels out all of the “safe” dresses. From her nude Armani gown, to her bright red lips and classic Hollywood hair, she was the epitome of perfection! Glamorous x 100000000.

march 10
I honestly wasn’t sure what to think of the dress strap on this at first, but by the end of the night I was in love with Naomi Watts’ choice for the night — it fit her like a glove!

Jennifer Aniston Oscars 2013

Jennifer Aniston’s Valentino dress might be a basic classic, but we all agreed she doesn’t usually wear a number like this. She looked stunning! Plus she’s pregnant, and I’m probably more excited than I should be about it.

Halle Berry Oscars 2013

Halle Berry is stunning in this Versace gown. MUCH better than her choice for the Golden Globes as I wrote about here. But, let’s face it, the woman can wear a tent and look beautiful…

charlize theron dress oscars 2013

And worst dressed nominee goes to …

anne hathaway 2013 oscars

It’s Prada, which I love … but could anyone really pay attention to anything other than her chest? Without that issue, this dress is actually stunning — and would have been a definite candidate for best dressed had I been able to avert my attention to, well, literally anything else.

Again, the dresses at the Oscars were very “blah” compared to what red carpet looks we usually see. I’m hoping for a better turnout next time!

Who were some of your favorites?

Happy Tuesday!


2 responses to “Party Planning & The Oscars

  1. The second actress is Naomi Watts and she does look great.

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