Zoo Day, Outifts, Inspirations … and Iceland!

To celebrate the gorgeous weather last weekend, a group of friends and I visited the D.C. Zoo. The weather was finally beautiful after the unbearable winter weather we’ve been experiencing. It ended up being a perfect day, and I didn’t get back to my apartment until after 10 – early if you’re out, but I wasn’t planning on it this time!

Boho Chic Cafe

{A new friend I made}

cleveland park zoo dc


photo (26)

{We ended our day with a trip to Pinkberry … and then proceeded to make tacos and drink wine!}

And some week randoms:

photo (22)

{Packed lunch idea: arugula salad with pomegranate seeds, onions, edamame, and Trader Joe’s cilantro dressing – 45 calories per 2 tbs – for packed lunches}

zoe saldana leather jacket

{coveting Zoe Saldana’s leather jacket}

Iceland vacation

{Iceland – Can’t wait to be here in less than a week!!!}

Happy Friday!


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