Race Day and Iceland Outfits

half marathon

Well, there you have it — half marathon completed! Saturday was a day I’d been waiting anxiously for, and it finally happened. I have to say, I am both proud and especially surprised. As a first-time half marathon runner, I ran the entire time. As someone who is not a runner. I only stopped for water and tried to do it how the experts do — by tossing back the cup and throwing it into the trash while still running. Ha! I felt incredibly accomplished. My final time was 2:10, just under a 10 minute mile.

I thought I’d be done after one half-marathon, but now I’m feeling addicted… The adrenaline, the competition, and the experience with friends was so wonderful and invigorating. Plus I keep thinking, “if I did better than I thought I’d do my first time, I wonder how fast I’ll be if I do it again?” I’ve already been speaking with a friend about signing up for another one in the Fall.

Until then, though, I’ll be returning to the classes I’ve been missing while training: Yoga, Pilates, Spinning, and the occasional Zumba.

half marathon style

half marathon medal

ripple dc celebrating

{Our celebratory drinks after dinner — we were asleep by 9:30}


Iceland is on the mind!

I spent yesterday looking for a rain coat and hiking shoes for glacier climbing (yes, glacier climbing — very exciting)!

Iceland outfit ideas:

My goal is to look stylish while doing things like glacier-climbing, hiking, trecking through snow … hopefully that isn’t too much to ask.

cold weather street style{thedaybookblog.com}

cold weather street style{sidewalkisarunway.com}

iceland street style{refinedstyle.tumblr.com}

cold street style{lolobu.com}

clothes to pack for iceland{lolobu.com}

what to wear in iceland{lolobu.com}

cold weather street style{kolorowadusza.blogspot.com}

iceland clothes{fashforfashion.com}

tribal pattern clothing{etsy.com}

winter street style{etpourquoipascoline-fr.com}

winter street style{elleuk.com}

boho street style{chicisimo.com}

boho fall street style{tumblr.com}

structured jacket

cold weather street style

Well, maybe some of these will be inspirations for our days in Reykjavik where no outdoor activities will be involved.

My sister, cousin and I have decided to travel together once a year, and this will be our second trip (for the first, they visited me while I studied abroad in Valencia, Spain — my favorite place in the world). I absolutely cannot wait to share this experience with them.

Iceland, here we come!


4 responses to “Race Day and Iceland Outfits

  1. Congratulations on completing your first half marathon! Have fun in Iceland! xo

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