Currently Coveting: Planet Blue

Maxi Floral Dress

Lately I’ve been constantly perusing Planet Blue online. Although expensive, their clothes are the absolute epitome of my style. Usually when I browse, I’ll find a couple of things I’m interested in. But when I look at Planet Blue, I want almost everything! What makes it harder is they sell items from a lot of different designers, so there are hundreds of items to choose from. One of the companies featured on the site, Blu Moon, talks about their brand. “Blu Moon is a collection of bohemian-chic, sexy, and gypset pieces that represent the essence of our company.” Love! Another favorite, Blue Life, reads, “Blue Life is a lifestyle knit line, made to take you from the beach, to running around during the day, to a night out on the town.” I’m obsessed with this one because all of their items are extremely versatile … and they turn this bohemian-esque style “up a notch,” per se, to make it appropriate for almost — as they said — anywhere.

I’m always incorporating bohemian, edge, structure, and clean into a look. Whatever I end up wearing usually incorporates at least two of these at once. For instance, an off-the shoulder patterned top (bohemian) with bold jewelry (edge), fitted pants, chunky wedges (edge), and a simple structured bag … Or an oversized gray sweater, a simple bold necklace, leggings, flats, and an attention-drawing bag. You get the idea!

Below are some of my favorite finds on the site. And actually, the last seven items below are specifically from Blu Moon. Obsessed. A few other favorites were: Free People, Blue Life, Parker, and the basics in Feel The Piece.

bohemian edgy chic

edgy chic sweater

planet blue

planet blue

spring street style

{So short – but I’d wear it as a top with some flared jeans or an at-waist skirt}

planet blue

planet blue

spring street style

patterned cover up

patterned dress

womens baseball jacket

planet blue

bohemian sweaters

cutout dress

sequin blazer

blu moon

patterned dress

white lace dress

floral maxi dress

floral jacket

tribal jacket


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