Iceland was incredible. From the lava fields to the volcanos, waterfalls, lagoons, dark sandy beaches, extreme changes in weather, grassland, glaciers, and few (but very friendly) people … it seemed as though I was on a different planet. I’m unsure of what my expecations were, but it certainly wasn’t this foreign. I suppose I pictured something more along the lines of a cold and snowy mass of land decorated with waterfalls and rolling hills — which were present — but I was expecting more familiarity. Especially while driving alongside the lava fields, I couldn’t see anything but miles upon miles of volcanic rock. It was surreal.


{the Blue Lagoon}




{Jokusarlon — the lake/aftermath of a receding glacier}


{glacier hiking}



{a church in Vik… also the escape spot if a volcano were to erupt}


{what every other view looked like on our road trip}

april 22

{the Northern Lights}

My sister, cousin and I shared the experience. The biggest cost was our rental car, but I highly recommend this to anyone traveling here. It was much more convenient than attempting a tour group because of our ability to move at our own pace and visit specific items on our bucket list we wouldn’t have been able to experience otherwise.

Our journey began at the Blue Lagoon. This was one of the most interesting experiences by far —  not only experiencing the milky water, but the egg smell. There is no escaping the egg smell in Iceland…

We then traveled to Reykjavik where we stayed at a hostel by the water. After a few days in the capital, we visited Hofn and Vik. We stayed at a farm stay near Hofn for a few days (also highly recommended!) where we were able to experience a glimpse of family life in Iceland. The family was incredible — humble and giving, and they were kind enough to show us around the farm and give us a glimpse into their daily chores. They also thought how we interacted wth each other was hilarious. We were prime entertainment!

A few memories worth mentioning: glacier hiking and our tour guide Yon (John), driving to Skaftafell (please go see this waterfall!), volcanoes, the Blue Lagoon, and the Northern Lights. Oh, the Northern Lights. We caught them on our last night there… talk about luck!!


*The lack of vegetables … made up for in seafood

*The deer, sheep, wild horses and goats

*Lady Rose, the farm’s herder (of people too… no exceptions)

*Skyr… Iceland’s delicious yogurt. Missing it already.

*Miniature coffee cups… the only size offered in Iceland

*All of the laughs and memories with my sister and cousin… memories I’ll cherish forever!



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