Tone It Up


Recently, my friend Phoebe and I have been following a nutrition/exercise program called Tone It Up. I’ve stumbled across their website before, but I never thought much of it until a few weeks ago when I decided to watch a few videos and give it a try. What I didn’t realize was how relatable (and hilarious) these two women were, the positivity and motivation within the community they’ve started, and how much of a lifestyle possibility this was.

First, I’ll take a step back. Tone It Up was started by two young ladies, Karena and Katrina, who are both certified physical trainers and nutritionists. They challenged each other to get fit, then proceeded to use their plans for each other and make it into something bigger … an actionable plan that now is in place for thousands of women around the world.




The nutrition plan costs money, but they provide a free weekly workout schedule and free nutrition tips and recipes through their blog (which is also their home page). It’s user-friendly with videos, how-to’s and motivational quotes.

As exciting and successful as the program is, the most inspiring element by far is the online community of women. On the site, you can sign up with a username/password to be part of the community, and thousands of women from all over the world are sending each other motivational messages and words of encouragement. It’s amazing to see so much positivity and kindness. The conversations don’t stop at workouts and nutriton, but inspiring stories are shared, internal struggles are shared, and so many women in the community go above and beyond to support other women and their struggles. It’s a great tool — and what I think is essentially the key in living a healthier lifestyle — having supportive friends!

Which brings me back to Phoebe. Phoebe and I decided to support and push each other throughout this entire program — and to live a healthy lifestyle in general. She is getting married on August 3, and I will be one of her bridesmaids! We motivate each other daily with inspirational messages, quotes, and words of encouragement. Having her do this with me has made it a worthwhile journey, and is also an excuse to catch up daily since we live so far from each other.

Incorporating words of encouragement, meal planning and nutrition ideas into some of my posts is definitely something I’d like to be present on my blog. I’d love to do what I can to inspire young women the way this community and Phoebe inspire me every day!


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