Here’s to 2014

At the beginning of every year, like everyone else, I make resolutions. The list is typically vague – “Try new recipes,” “Do more running,” “spend more time with friends” are just few of the many broad notes that run through my head.

I wanted 2014 to be different. Something is different – “good different” – about this year, and I can feel it because I feel like I’ve already been making the most of life these past few months. I’m 25 (and past my mini quarter-life crisis), moved from DC to Raleigh a month ago to a place I see myself long-term, and I’m happy, confident, and ready to start truly living each and every day. I’ve finally reached this point in my life, and it’s exciting!

Rather than create the vague resolution list, this year I’ve decided to break that list into specific actionable items and to-do’s. After all, I live by the quote “life isn’t about finding yourself – it’s about creating yourself.” I have a wonderful feeling about what lies ahead, and I hope it inspires you to feel the same:

Monthly Actionable Items:

-1-2 new restaurants per month

-Barre Classes 10+ times per month (with my unlimited monthly membership – obsessed with Barre!)

-1 outdoor activity per weekend (hiking, jogging, or something new)

-2 new recipes per month – strictly ripped out of a magazine. No cheating!

-1 special card or gift for a friend per month

-Church twice a month – hopefully we’ll get to once a week. Baby steps.

-4+ blog posts per month

-Monthly club meeting (see below)

Other To-do’s:

-Join a club or group and attend at least one meeting or event per month

-Read two Science or History books (Can you tell I miss school? We only live once, and there’s so much to learn!)

-Volunteer quarterly

– Create a book from my Spain trip in 2010 – yikes! I’d better get on this one.

-Audition for one play (This will be the hardest. I performed in all of my school plays, but it’s been years. I doubt myself in this department).

-Run two races – but take a break from those half marathons.

*Note – cut myself some slack while moving into a new apartment.

I started simple. Some of these will be easy to surpass – fitting an outdoor activity per week or finding a new restaurants every month – but I wanted these to be attainable so I stick to my goals.

What are you planning to accomplish in 2014? I hope everyone has a fantastic and happy New Year!

“Life isn’t about finding yourself – it’s about creating yourself.”



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