Three Day Weekend

gel manicure

{Pink + Sterling Silver ring from Black Mountain Gallery}

This past weekend was one of the most relaxing ones in quite a long time. Because last week was so hectic, I made a point to make very few plans and simply catch up on life and enjoy the time I had off. Sunday and Monday, my parents and I jogged the trail by our house. Monday was breathtaking – it was a 60 degree day, and as pictured above, there wasn’t cloud in the sky! On Monday, I grabbed coffee with a friend at Caffe Driade in Chapel Hill. It’s one of my favorite coffee shops to go to partly because of its coffee, but mostly because of the unique ambiance.

zara plaid jacket

{Eyeing this jacket from Zara}

photo (33) 1

{Taking a stroll in Duke Forest}

photo (34) 1

{Caramel Steamer from Caffe Driade}

photo (36) 1

{Cappucino from Caffe Driade}

{Inside the café}


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